Short Term Stock Trading Tips

The strategy of buying and selling shares (trading) with a period of the same day to a month, you can say you are trading short-term shares. So short-term trading time frames are trading minutes, daily, up to a month. If you trade more than a month, then you are trading in the medium term (positioning).

The short-term trading strategy that is widely used by the majority of stock traders is the intraday trading strategy, aka daily trading, namely buying and selling stocks on up to three trading days.

Usually, there are also many stock traders who apply tips to buy stocks in the morning and sell in the afternoon to achieve short-term profits. This is done for traders who don't like to hold shares for too long, or want to take advantage of quick buys and sells when the market is down. Also learn: Buy Morning Stocks Sell Afternoon Stock Techniques - Fast Trading.

Here is one practice of intraday trading (daily trading), with intraday analysis. The author bought BBRI (16 April), "stealed start" at 2,610, and partially sold (I still hold part of BBRI shares) the next day (17 April) at 2,760 for the intraday period. The following is intraday trading on BBRI Shares:

Net profit of 5%.. It is a daily trading practice, by taking advantage of the momentum and choosing Stocks that have short-term upside potential, and setting realistic profit targets.

[Practices, how to choose stocks, good stock analysis, along with tape reading analysis and intraday momentum, I also discuss in full here: Intraday & One Day Stock Trading Ebook (357 pages).]

For those of you who want to take advantage of profits from intraday trading (buy and sell stocks every three days, or buy stocks in the morning and sell in the afternoon), you can get a full practice that you can apply directly to the Intraday & One Day Stock Trading Ebook.

The dynamic stock market movements, which you see during trading hours, indicate that quite a number of traders are implementing day trading strategies, taking advantage of short-term fluctuations in stock prices.

I personally also often get questions and requests from colleagues to discuss short-term trading tips, especially daily trading up to a period of under one week.

There are some important points that you need to apply if you want to run short-term trading tips:

1. Choose a good stock plus momentum, market & technical analysis

In short term trading, choosing good stocks is important. Don't assume because you "only" want to sell short-term shares, you then think:

"I'm only aiming for a few points of profit. It can definitely go up if I only aim for a few points of profit. All stocks can definitely go up in the short term."

Stock quality varies. There are stocks that are easy to rise. There are shares that are purchased but continue to fall or even do not move (usually happens in stocks)

Why do you still need to analyze Bung Heze? Isn't it that if you buy good stocks, the price will definitely go up?" You asked.

Buying stocks is good, if the momentum and analysis are not right, you can buy at the wrong price. Therefore, choosing good Stocks is one of the things you need to do. After that, you have to analyze more deeply whether the stocks you want to target are worth buying or the price still has the potential to go down.

That is the importance of analysis in short-term trading. For all trading strategies, I think analysis is still needed, not just buying stocks.

If you want to see intraday trading practices, for example, the daily BBRI Stock trading practice that I apply (in the picture above). In addition, in this post: Profit Trading Daily (Intraday Trading) Stocks, I also provide practices and examples of short-term trading on AALI Stocks. You can learn.

2. Set realistic profit targets

Earning short-term profits is tempting. That's why many traders want to try short-term trading. However, you must always set a realistic profit target, according to market conditions at the time, technical analysis of the stock and adjust it to your respective trading abilities.

Realistic targets, can improve the quality of stock analysis, so you can achieve more consistent profits. Here: Big Profits from Stocks, I've explained ways to set realistic trading targets, especially for you short-term traders.

Those are short-term trading tips, and examples of short-term trading practices in the stock market in real terms. Short-term trading can be profitable for you, as long as you choose stocks and use the right analysis

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